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Jeff Amman Thailand

Explanation of my forced absence from America from May 20th 2023 till March 1st 2024

On May 20th 2023 I arrived in Thailand for a three week holiday to visit my girlfriend;

Unknown to me Thailand had issued a warrant for my arrest and never notified me so I was detained at the Thailand airport;

Heinous accusations were made against me and given to the online Thailand media. 

I denied all the accusations because I did not do what they accused me of; I had to hire a law firm to fight the accusations in court.

My passport was confiscated and I was told that I could not leave Thailand unless I plead guilty to the accusations which I refused to do since I did not do what they accused me of.

This nightmare entirely consumed me and destroyed me mentally; I was detained in a country where I don't speak the language and accused of crimes that I did not commit. I was distraught and in no condition to help any of my clients back home plus I had no access to my files back in my office so I shut the company down until further notice. I had no choice but to focus 100% on fighting for my innocence and freedom.

This closure inconvenienced many clients and I am truly sorry for that but there was absolutely nothing I could do to help them from Thailand.

In December 2023 I was tried in Thailand Provincial court.

On February 13th 2024 I was found completely innocent of all charges and given back my passport; I flew home on February 27th and restarted my company on March 1st 2024.

I sincerely apologise for the inconvenience my nightmare caused some of my clients but there was absolutely nothing I could do; I refused to plead guilty to crimes I did not commit just so i could go back to America. My life is more important then my business.

While I was fighting for my life one of my competitors decided to spread horrible rumors and falsehoods about my situation in Thailand in a failed attempt to destroy my reputation and make more money for himself. I have talked with him directly and gave him the opportunity to confess and apologize but he chose to continue to lie which is in line with his character so it wasn't surprising. Most of the people he told these things to have now been informed of the truth and his credibility which was already suspect is now severely damaged as it should be. Shame on him for profiting at the expense of my nightmare. 

So the bottom line is that I now ask for your understanding, compassion, and projects. All I want to do now is work and provide for my wife and children, Thank you Jeff.

Footnote #1: Even with everything that happened to me in Thailand I still love the country and its people. It is a beautiful country and the citizens are awesome! While there I met the love of my life, Arraya, and was wed on January 21st 2024; I now have a beautiful family of five to take care of. Out of the darkness of my nightmare I have emerged and have forgiven those involved. My hope is that my clients will understand and forgive my absence as well, Jeff.

Footnote #2: If you ever travel to Thailand I very strongly recommend Nicky's Handlebar Hotel and Restaraunt; Nicky is an awesome human being and kind as the day is long. Plus his hotel is incredible!