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Initial Site Feasibility Study / Perk Test  $ 850.00

Full Septic Design is an additional $ 2,650.00 (note that a design cannot be done without first doing a feasibility study first; we will not use another designers feasibility study nor will we give you credit for money spent with another designer); 

Description of services covered by the design fee:

Digging of perk holes (we'll use our excavator if we can for no additional charge, otherwise the holes are dug by hand), preparation of the septic design, submittal into the Health District, any redesigns required by the Health District to gain the initial approval.

I do not charge anything to prepare the asbuilt and perform the final installation inspection as long as they are for my approved septic design. Please note that if you choose to hire another designer to perform these services for any reason that you will not receive any "refund" from me in that these services are not part of my design fee since I don't charge for said services.

Note that all Public Health fees are the responsibility of the client and will be paid by the client directly to Public Health; 

Note: Prices are for single family residence designs only, call for multi-family or commercial rates, and please note that Health District Fees are in addition to the design fees quoted above.


Snohomish County Design process:

      The first step is to have a Septic System Feasibility Study performed on the property to determine if the site perks and if it does what type system the Health District is going to require; This Study costs $ 850.00.

      The next step is to have us prepare the full septic system design and submit it to the Health District for their review and approval; The Septic Design will cost an additional $ 2,650.00

The Snohomish Health District Design Review and permit fees are additional and will be billed by them directly to you. If the site is to be served by an onsite Individual Well then the Health District has an additional fee for that as well. It will take us about a week to prepare the Septic Design once we're on the property; The Health District review times fluctuate with their work load; Once approved it will be valid for two years.

       Once the Septic System Design is approved by the Health District and you are ready to pursue a Building Permit there is some additional paperwork filing that will need to be done;

Conventional Gravity Flow or Low Pressure Distribution Type System:

      No additional paperwork needed, simply apply for the Building permit and have your Certified Installer call us for the Permit Release.

Alternative Type Septic System: ie Sand Filter, Mound, Aerobic Treatment Unit,  or Drip Irrigation.

 1. The "Declaration Of Covenant" included with your septic design needs to be signed by the property owner in front of a Notary Public, then Recorded at the Snohomish County Auditor's Office in Everett, then forwarded to the Snohomish Health District at 3020 Rucker Avenue, Everett 425-339-5250.

2. The "Maintenance Inspection Agreement" needs to be signed on page two and fill in your name and date at the top of page one, then forward this into the Snohomish Health District.

3. Snohomish Health District Onsite Sewage System Installation Permit Fee needs to be paid. You can call them directly at 425-339-5250

4. Have your Certified Installer call us when they are ready for the permit release.

Note #1: If you have any questions about the above, please feel free to contact us for assistance.